Barrier resilience of visibility polygons

Zahra Momtazian
Date and Time: 
2016-09-17 12:30
628 room

 In barrier resilience problems, we are given a set of barriers and two points $s$ and $t$. The task is to find the minimum number of barriers one has to remove such that there is a path between $s$ and $t$ that does not cross a barrier. The barrier resilience of arrangements of geometric objects such as circles and line segments have been considered. We will consider the problem of computing the barrier resilience of a set of visibility polygons inside a polygon. In simple polygons the problem is solvable in time linear in the number of edges. In polygons with holes the problem is APX-hard, but for special cases there are polynomial time algorithms. 


Zahra Momtazian is a MSc student at Sharif university under the supervision of Prof. Ghodsi. Her research interests lie in Computational Geometry.

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